Our product is a compact, modular fishing rod. PATENT PENDING, Application / Priority number: HU20150000177, Abstract of corresponding document: WO2016170375

Using it, roughly is the same as using the conventional rods, except that the body's functioning is ensured by a spring made of stainless steel. We can use interchangeable springs with different mechanical properties depending on the casting weights and the method we use. The spring pole arcs at the same time serve as a line leading ring. By using the spring-poles the rod length is radically reduced, this allows you to also go fishing in places where it's not possible to use a longer rod. For example on a bank with dense vegetation, or on a sailing boat where there is no room for our long rod. Its tiny size allows you to take it along with you.

Compact: A compact fishing rod - in its field - has the same tasks as a multi-tool, or as a Swiss army knife: To be multifunctional, small and durable. It is certain that most of the tools available in the world are much better suited for the job, than the fold-out tools from the multi-tool. We can choose nowadays between millions of special fishing rods. Most of them are better suited to the fishing style, for what they have been designed for, than their compact companion. Therefore, never expect from a compact device (eg. a compact camera) to be the best in any category. However, there are circumstances and locations where it is doing better than a conventional device. The goal is to design a basic suitability for a more versatile use, with a smallest possible size and minimum weight - for durability.

Modular: All components of the system can be fit together with the other components. With this feature, this is the world's single modular fishing rod. Its components can be purchased one by one, or the completed package can be extended anytime with additional spring-poles and grips. Its central element it's an aluminum made reel seat - with CNC machining, from which the trigger can be pulled down, making it suitable to receive lower positioned reels besides upper positioned ones. In its end that has a threaded shaft hole, we can screw in various types of handles. The cylindrical grips' size is adjustable. In the socket, at the other end of the reel seats' axis, different spring-poles can be fitted.

Spring-poles: The casting distance - depending on casting weight - is competing the 2m long traditional rods. The 7 kinds of different flexible spring rod, corresponds to 7 different fishing rod. The mechanical properties are shaped by 3 factors: the diameter of the material they're made of, number of spring-arc bends and the length. All of them can be inserted into the grip into two slots, this way we can use upper and lower positions reel too. We designed it in a way that we can enclose the spring-arcs with a rubber ring, minimizing the chances of folding of the line. Using the rubber ring is not a prerequisite for an effective operation, but it's recommended in some cases - depending on the fishing method, the line, the reel, and the casting weight.

In the lower position:The best operation can be reached with "underspin / trigger spin" reels. At these types the line "flows" through a hole with a narrow diameter, while in case of the fixed-spool types it's spinning down in greater arcs. If we use a too big spool reel, the fishing line winding may be uneven, because the line between the coil and the spool will move on a too large scale. The smaller the diameter of the spool, the more uniform the winding of the line will be.

In the upper position: You can use the poles without compromises, whether it's a spin cast or a bait cast reel we're speaking of. When we're casting it or winding it up, the line will spin around steadily with bigger reels too, but here it's advisable to use a smaller one.

Casting distance: The short size of the device allows you to cast not only from above but also from the side or bottom. Moving our wrist, we can increase significantly the impetus of the throw. The spring - like a catapult - launches the bait.