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This package has everything which is in the CAST Pack, SPIN Pack and NANO Pack, everything we produce.
MEGA Pack containing the following items:
6 pcs Stainless Steel Pole

Sensor Poles (L=360mm, d=3.0mm):

  1. UltraLight:                                                                  8-coil SensorPole (d:3.0)
  2. Light:                                                                          4-coil SensorPole (d:3.0)

Power Poles (L=360mm, d=3.5mm):

  1. Medium:                                                                     8-coil PowerPole (d:3.5)
  2. Heavy:                                                                        6-coil PowerPole (d:3.5)
  3. ExtraHeavy:                                                               4-coil PowerPole (d:3.5)

Nano (short) Poles (L=250mm, d=3.0mm):

  1. Short:                                             _                         6-coil SensorPole (d:3.0)
  • Material: DIN 17224 CrNi Stainless Steel / ALU socket
  • Rod Tip material: Hard Chrome plated Stainless Steel

Handle Grips

1pc Casting Handle Grip

1pc Spinning Handle Grip

1pc Nano Handle Grip

  • Material: Steamed Oak / Aluminum

Reel Seat

1pc Universal Reel Seat

  • Salt Water Resistant
  • CNC-machined Reel Seat 
  • Accepts all kinds of Reels
  • Surface: Hard Anodized
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum T6


1pc Removable Trigger

  • Salt Water Resistant
  • Die-Cast Trigger
  • Surface: Polished
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum T6

Wrist Strap

1pc Braided Rubber Wrist Strap

Rod Bag

1pc Rod Bag

  • Material: 100% High Tensile Polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 12x40cm

We don't sell reels, the figures show only the examples of use.